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Augmented Reality or AR is an interactive experience that is available on many smartphones and tablets. AR uses the device's camera and blends 3D objects into the camera view to create an exciting and fresh immersive experience.

Who is using AR as part of their business?

Apple and Google has been investing in AR technology over the last few years, meaning the number of smart devices that are capable of AR interactive experiences are growing day by day. There are already many big brand names who are using AR for their customers. They include the Ikea Place app, BBC Civilisations AR app and LEGO In-Store Action app.

Apple's CEO Tim Cook is very enthusiastic on AR technology and Apple has ensured the latest iPhones and iPads are AR compatible by kitting their devices with powerful cameras and processors.

How can AR help your business?

My augmented reality files can be directly embedded into your website, just like image or video files. The technology is supported by Apple and Google for viewing on iOS and Android smart devices.

Currently, over 2 billion purchased smartphones are estimated to be AR capable. Whilst most of the latest iPhones, iPads and Android smart devices are already AR capable out-of-the-box. This allows consumers to experience AR contents through the Safari or Chrome web browser without the need to download an app.


Do you always need to download an app to experience AR contents?

No. Many smartphones and tablets are already capable of AR experiences. I have been creating such AR experiences and they can be embedded onto websites to allow potential customers to view my AR projects on compatible smart devices. The list of compatible devices includes the latest Apple iPhones and iPads, as well as the latest Android phones and tablets.

Even if your device isn't capable of AR experiences, you will still see a 3D object within your browser.

You can find and experience my AR projects within my portfolio. Contact me if you would like to know how I can bring this new and exciting technology to your project.